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Event Biosecurity


Southern Region Meeting Postponed

Due to the current COVID-19 situation in South Australia, Livestock SA has decided to postpone...
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Event Biosecurity


Rebuilding the flock and herd - Livestock forums for producers - Registrations Open

Registrations are open to take part in the Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA)...
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Industry Update SA Sheep Industry Blueprint


2015-2020 SA Sheep Industry Blueprint

The Blueprint was launched in April 2016 with an overarching aim to increase productivity by...
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Consultation SA Sheep Industry Blueprint


2020-2030 Blueprint consultation

The success of the SA Sheep Industry Blueprint has led to the development of a...
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Blueprint Executive Committee

The Blueprint Executive Committee is a dedicated group who provide guidance, advice and assistance to the Livestock SA Board in respect to the implementation and continued development of the Sheep and Beef Industry Blueprints. The committee is responsible for maintaining an Industry Blueprint Working Group comprised of members whose collective experience spans the entire product value chain.


Jane Kellock

Chair of South Australian Sheep and Beef Blueprints

Jane was born and raised on a sheep station in the north of South Australia and moved to Farrell Flat in 1991. She has an...

Daniel Casement headshot

Daniel Casement


Daniel Casement was appointed Executive Director of Rural Solutions SA in 2012. He continues to lead the organisation’s success as it focuses on regional program...

Bruce creek headshot

Bruce Creek

Thomas Elder Consulting

Bruce Creek has a strong history in the South Australian beef cattle sector, he currently works for Thomas Elder Consulting operating as an Agricultural Business...

Joe K

Joe Keynes


Joe Keynes is a partner in Keyneton Station, a family farming business based in the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges and South East, grazing Merino sheep...

Stephen Lee headshot

Dr Stephen Lee

The University of Adelaide

Stephen is the Partnerships Manager for the Davies Livestock Research Centre with the University of Adelaide where his focus is on forming collaborative research and...

Allan P

Allan Piggott

Vice President

Allan Piggott is a third-generation producer on a 2000 hectare farm in the Murray Mallee, based at Moorlands. The property produces grain, wool, prime lambs...

Wayne Pitchford headshot

Professor Wayne Pitchford

The University of Adelaide

Wayne is Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics and Director of the Davies Livestock Research Centre at the University of Adelaide. He studied Agricultural Science...

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Libby Tedstone

South Australian Sheep and Beef Blueprint Manager

Appointed in July 2021, Libby was raised on a beef and dairy farm and has worked on sheep, beef, dairy and cropping farms in Australia...

Industry Blueprint Working Group

The Industry Blueprint Working Group consist of representatives across the sheep meat, wool and beef industries from all parts of the value chain. The Industry Blueprint Working Group has a critical role in both the development and implementation of the Blueprints and represents an important design feature in that there is a mechanism for implementation of the required actions to achieve the targets detailed in the Industry Blueprints.

Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell


Andrew’s forebears started farming at Millicent in the Lower South East in 1928. The family farm now covers around 4500 hectares and centres its activities...

Michael Blake Headshot

Michael Blake


Michael is part of the Red Meat and Wool Growth Program team within the Department of Primary Industries and Regions SA. Having entered the Department...

Mary Carr headshot

Dr Mary Carr

Biosecurity SA

Dr Mary Carr has worked as a veterinary officer for PIRSA since 2008 and is currently the Chief Veterinary Officer of South Australia. Her experience...

Dr David Seth Cooper headshot

Dr David Seth Cooper


Dr. David Seth Cooper is a fifth-generation SA primary producer based at Jamestown, where his family-run merino sheep, as well as produce wheat, export hay...

Josh Cousins

Josh Cousins

SA Livestock Consultants

Josh has grown up surrounded by sheep his whole life, with both sides of his family having had merino sheep studs and his parents running...

Jim Cox headshot

Professor Jim Cox


Professor Jim Cox is the Research Director of Livestock Sciences, leading the South Australian Research and Development Institute (PIRSA-SARDI) livestock and pasture research. Jim completed...

TF pic

Dr Troy Fischer


Troy is a fourth-generation farmer from Wasleys in the Mid North of South Australia where he and his family run a prime lamb seed stock...

Elke Hocking Headshot

Elke Hocking

SA Livestock Consultant

With over 20 years’ experience within the livestock industry, Elke currently works as a private livestock consultant, involved in extension and adoption programs for red...

Mark Iglis headshot

Mark Inglis

JBS Australia Processing

Mark's background is a commercial one with experience in animal husbandry and animal production working on and managing a broad range of livestock orientated properties...

Taryn mangelsdorf headshot

Taryn Mangelsdorf

Northern and Yorke Landscape Board

Taryn is the Sustainable Agriculture Officer for Northern and Yorke Landscape Board and represents Landscape SA on the working group. She works with farmers, farming...

David michell headshot

David Michell

Michell Wool

The Michell family has been involved in the Australian wool industry for over 140 years, with David being the Executive Director and owner of Michell...

Luke Schreiber headshot

Luke Schreiber

Spence Dix & Co Agent

Luke is a livestock agent-based at Tintinara, covering the Upper South East and Mallee for an independent agency, Spence Dix & Co. Growing up in...

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Shannon Logan

Project Officer

Shannon was appointed Project Officer in 2019, focusing on the SA Sheep and Beef Industry Blueprint. Shannon graduated with her Bachelor of Science (Animal Science)...

Southern Australian Meat Research Council (SAMRC)

The Southern Australian Meat Research Council (SAMRC) was reformed in mid-2015 to gather feedback on the research, development and adoption (RD&A) needs of sheep and grassfed cattle producers across New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania, and from Queensland sheep producers. This regional consultation model gives producers a say on where their R&D levies should be directed by Meat and Livestock Australia.

SAMRC is supported by seven regional committees, each chaired by a local producer. The regional committees gather input from local producers and producer networks on local R&D needs. SAMRC then considers these priorities from each committee to develop the regional R&D priorities that inform the national priorities for sheepmeat and grassfed beef R&D recommended by the Red Meat Panel.

There were obviously many synergies between the SAMRC process and the aims of the South Australian sheep industry that were being developed through the SA Sheep Industry Blueprint process. The Blueprint working group has offered to fulfil the SA Regional Committee role and represent South Australian sheep and cattle producers around the SAMRC table.

The SAMRC plan was officially launched in Sydney on April 26, 2016, by former chief of CSIRO Livestock Industries, Emeritus Professor Alan Bell and outlines the RD&A priorities identified for each zone, with some issues common among regions, such as feedbase development.

Read more about the regional consultation model
Read a copy of the SAMRC plan