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MacLoran Farm

Mark Inglis
Thomas Foods International

Mark has worked on and managed several livestock-focused properties, including cattle properties in Western Australia's Kimberley, sheep properties for wool and meat in Victoria, and the establishment of a 900 sow outdoor free range pig breeding operation, giving him extensive experience in animal husbandry and production.

Mark has been with MLA/MSA for seven years, during which time he has worked to identify entry points for the organization's sheep and cattle MSA programmes through discussions with producers, stock agencies, saleyards, feedlots, and purchasers.

During Mark's twelve years at a multinational protein producer, Mark worked on farm assurance, research and development on the farm and in the plant, brand creation using MSA and EQ outcomes, producer education, producer feedback systems, benchmarking producer carcase production, and developing a producer-aligned value chain.

Mark has spent the past 20 years in the livestock/processing industry in a variety of capacities, including work on the steering committees for Objective Carcase Measurement, the Beef Sustainability Framework, the Sheep Producers Australia policy council, the South Australian Livestock Blueprint Committee, and the South Australia RFID implementation group.

Mark's current role at Thomas Foods involves coordinating the needs of customers with those of the company's sales, processing, and livestock departments.

Mark loves working with livestock, whether it's to increase farm output, promote animal welfare, facilitate processing, address business concerns, or raise consumer knowledge so that value chains may be built to back up promises made to customers.

Mark is headquartered out of Victoria, 30 kilometres west of Geelong, but Mark travels to all states and areas for Thomas Foods.