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Cattle Industry Fund (CIF)

The Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998 (the Act) provides South Australian primary industries with a legislative based ability to raise money within their sector to deliver activities and services that support the sector.

Section 4 of the Act allows the Governor to make regulations to establish a fund for a particular primary industry sector.

The Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development (the Minister) is the Administrator for all funds established under the Act, which ensures appropriate accountability for the application of funds for the benefit of those industries. The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) manages the operations of the funds for the Minister. The Minister is required to report annually to Parliament on the operation of each fund and its accounts.

The Cattle Industry Fund (the fund) is established by the Primary Industry Funding Schemes (Cattle Industry Fund) Regulations 2015 (the Regulations).

South Australia’s cattle industries strive to be sustainable and profitable. To support this goal, South Australia’s beef and dairy industries, through the Cattle Industry Fund, have identified the following priority outcome areas that are the basis of CIF investment:

  1. Maintaining market access and securing new markets
  2. Efficient and sustainable production
  3. Business management and skills development
  4. Advocacy

Cattle owners who purchase Permanent Identification Devices (tags) must pay $1.50 per tag into the Cattle Industry Fund. Authorised tag manufacturers and recyclers collect the contributions and forward them to the Cattle Industry Fund on behalf of the cattle owner.

Total levy contributions to the fund are approximately $800,000 annually.

Livestock SA is responsible for the industry's administrative functions of the fund and the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development is the signatory.

For more information please CLICK HERE to be taken to the PIRSA website.

Cattle Industry Fund Board

The current members of the Cattle Industry Fund Board are:

Tim Burvill

Tim Burvill


Tim started his career as a Winemaker, working for Penfolds before starting his own winery called RockBare. After following his true passion for the beef...

LIVSA 00611

Lyndon Cleggett

Lyndon is a dairy farmer based in the South East. A wool classer by trade, Lyndon has held several Board positions within the dairy industry...

Rob B

Robert Brokenshire

Board member

Robert is a dairy farmer from Mount Compass and former member of the South Australian Parliament. He represented the Family First Party from 2008 to...

LIVSA 00595

Stephen Radeski

Stephen is an experienced livestock producer and finance executive currently employed by ANZ Bank as the State agribusiness manager in SA and the NT. He...

LIVSA 00699

Tom Hampton

Tom Hampton is a beef cattle producer from Woodside in the Adelaide Hills. He currently works as a transport engineer within the rail industry and...

Ashleigh Pulford

Ashleigh is a project manager with experience in the dairy and wine industries. She holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences degree as well as a Masters of Project Management with a focus on agricultural innovation...

Meg Bell

Meg is an experienced professional in the livestock and mixed farming sector, with more than 10 years’ experience in southern Australian agricultural production systems. She has technical knowledge in livestock health, nutrition, production, and pasture...

Dayna Grey

Dayna holds a Bachelor of Business (Agribusiness) specialising in marketing at Marcus Oldham College. She is a marketing professional with experience in the production and processing of red meat in both domestic and international markets...