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Primary Producers South Australia

Livestock SA is a member of Primary Producers SA with Livestock SA president Joe Keynes being the representative on the PPSA council.

Primary Producers SA’s vision is for a strong and viable primary production sector in South Australia, which is valued by government and the community.

The purpose of PPSA is to:

  • Vigorously represent the interests and concerns of primary producers to government and the community.
  • Present one voice to government and the wider community on cross-commodity issues affecting primary producers in South Australia.
  • Promote the importance of primary production in South Australia and ensure that the contributions and achievements of primary producers are acknowledged and appreciated.
  • Work with and assist stakeholders and suppliers to primary production where such assistance will ultimately benefit primary producers.

PPSA’s members are the commodity organisations of South Australia. Its current members are Livestock SA, Grain Producers SA, Horticulture Coalition of SA, Wine Grape Council of SA, the SA Dairyfarmers’ Association and Australian Forest Products Association SA. Each organisation is represented by a councillor on the PPSA Council. The PPSA Council meets once per quarter on cross-commodity issues affecting all sectors.

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Wool Producers Australia

Livestock SA is a member of Wool Producers Australia with Livestock SA board member Glenn Tilley representing Livestock SA on the Wool Producers Australia council.

WoolProducers Australia (WPA) is the peak national body for the wool producing industry in Australia, representing farmers who have an interest in growing wool. We advocate the industry’s interests to the Federal Government and internationally enabling woolgrowers to determine policy and drive change in their industry.

Our membership is comprised of the industry’s commercial, superfine and stud breeding sectors. WoolProducers is nationally representative through our State Farming Organisation members and three democratically elected Independent Directors.

WoolProducers works with relevant state and federal government agencies and other stakeholders on key issues such as animal health and welfare, biosecurity, pest management control, natural resource management, drought preparedness, emergency animal disease outbreak preparedness, and industry development, including research and trade.

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Sheep Producers Australia

Livestock SA is a member of Sheep Producers Australia and has Livestock SA representation on the committees. Livestock SA representations sit on the following Sheep Producer committees: Marketing, market access & trade, health & welfare, product integrity and research, development, and adoption.

Sheep Producers Australia works daily to ensure a productive, profitable, and sustainable industry. This is achieved through SPA’s policy committees and the SPA board and working with members, service providers, government, and many other partners.

Sheep Producers Australia is the voice on issues that affect sheep production businesses. SPA does this through advocating for better business outcomes, monitoring investment of producer levies, and improving information flow up and down the value chain.

Sheep Producers Australia is the custodian of the Sheep Industry Strategic Plan (SISP), the blueprint for the industry’s future. This is delivered through consultation with industry and government to ensure levy investment is clearly directed and producers’ best interests are met through the provision of RD&E, services, programs, and marketing.

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Cattle Australia

Representing the interests of all Australian cattle producers, Cattle Australia is the national peak body for the grass-fed cattle industry, providing a visible, unified, and influential voice for producers.

It will provide clear leadership and direction by developing and driving contemporary policy, guiding research, development, and adoption (RD&A) and marketing investment for the sector, and advocating on all matters important to the Australian cattle industry.

Cattle Australia will create business value for Australia’s cattle producers (and subsequently regional communities and economies) in areas where they cannot succeed by working alone. It will ensure grass-fed levies support grass-fed producers and a stronger grass-fed economy.

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Goat Industry Council Australia (GICA)

Livestock SA is a member of Goat Industry Council of Australia with livestock SA board member Nick Van Den Berg representing Livestock SA on the council of Goat Industry Council of Australia.

The Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA) is the peak national body representing the interests of goat producers. GICA’s objective and purpose is to represent and promote the national interests of Australian goatmeat, fibre and dairy producers.

Under its charter as a Commodity Council, GICA is specifically designated as the organisation that develops collective goat industry policy, across all breeds. GICA works with Government, industry bodies, producers and other peak industry councils to this end.

GICA works to deliver and implement goat industry policy for all goat breeds. GICA operates under a set of rules to try to achieve key objectives in the best interests of all goat producers

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