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MacLoran Farm

David Michell
Michell Wool

The Michell family has been involved in the Australian wool industry for over 140 years, with David being the Executive Director and owner of Michell Wool, you could definitely say wool is in his blood. During that time, they have learned pretty much everything there is to know about the best places to source it, how to process it, comb it, spin it and turn it into some of the finest fabrics on Earth. David is the Executive Director and Owner of Michell Wool Pty Ltd, owner of ioMerino, and President of Wool Industries Australia.

David has over 20 years of experience in international commodity trading, Wool buying, and finance.

Successive generations have been involved in nearly every stage of processing, including spinning and knitting, but David's focus is on scouring and carbonising wool for clients across the globe. Their main mill at Salisbury in Adelaide processes eight million kilograms to 10mkg a year - about a quarter of the carding market - while another mill in Suzhou, China, has carbonising capacity for about 6mkg and some specialty top orders.

When David is not proudly promoting South Australian wool, he uses his free time to be active and enjoy the outdoors.