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Become a member of Livestock SA for free

Livestock SA is the opportunity for all South Australian livestock producers to have their say on the people and policies that best represent them and their industry. Livestock SA now represents over 3,500 beef cattle, sheep and goat producers in South Australia. Every new member adds strength to our voice, join today!

The benefits of membership include:

  • Livestock SA provides for all members to nominate and elect Board members and other office-members of the organisation.
  • Members can access policy advice, and through consultation have the opportunity to provide policy direction for Livestock SA around livestock issues at a state and national level.
  • Livestock SA will keep you informed on issues that may affect you and your business.
  • Members have access to a range of member services.

All livestock producers who pay industry levies under the Primary Industries Funding Schemes Act 1998 in SA are eligible to be members. There is no additional cost to be a member of Livestock SA.

Please note producers who have asked for the industry levy to be refunded are not eligible to be members.

For Livestock SA to contact and service members, producers need to complete an application for membership.

Associate Membership of Livestock SA - this applies only to non producers

Associate membership is available for farm managers, consultants, businesses and anyone interested in beef cattle, sheep and goat production in South Australia.

This membership category is for those who are not eligible to pay livestock industry levies under the Primary Industries Funding Schemes Act 1998 and has not sought a refund. An associate member who pays the annual membership fee will be considered as a full member with voting rights.

From January 1, 2014, the associate membership fee is $110 per annum (includes GST). This can be paid to Livestock SA either by cheque or EFT (electronic funds transfer) using the following bank details:

BSB: 085-005
Account No: 71 226 4119
Account Name: Livestock SA