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Livestock SA regularly makes submissions and offers comments to governments and other organisations on issues impacting members.

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National definition of prohibited pig feed

Feeding of mammalian animal products to pigs is a major transmission pathway for emergency animal diseases (EAD), including African swine fever (ASF) and foot and mouth disease (FMD). As the peak industry body for livestock in South Australia, Livestock SA supports measures that reduce and mitigate the risk of EAD, particularly FMD, establishing in Australia

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28 July 2021 Media Type: Submission / Policy Area: Invasive Species /

Commonwealth Senate Inquiry into the definitions of meat and other animal products

Livestock SA believes that there is a need to address the real concerns surrounding product labelling that will enable the growth of all protein-based sectors and the Australian agricultural industry. Consumers must be properly informed about what they are buying. This means accurate and honest product labelling, particularly when plant-based producers are using comparative advertising for their plant-based products and make claims that they have the same health or protein benefits over red meat.

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28 July 2021 Media Type: Submission /

Review of the South Australian Native Vegetation Act 1991

Livestock SA welcomes this review into the Native Vegetation Act 1991 and strongly encourages the Natural Resources Committee to seek agreement from the Government to open the Act and Regulations with the intent of modernising the legislation and developing regional management of native vegetation based on integrated natural resource management principles.

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28 July 2021 Media Type: Submission / Policy Area: Native Vegetation /

Review of National Wool Declaration Submission

Livestock SA supports Wool Producer Australia’s submission to AWEX’s Review of the National Wool Declaration. In particular, Livestock SA would like ‘Ceased Mulesing’ to be removed from the NWD form, as this category is no longer relevant. Removing ‘Ceased mulesing’ will make the NWD form more straight-forward and user friendly and it would mean only three categories would be listed on the NWD, Non mulesed, Mulesed with pain relied and Mulesed.

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31 March 2021 Media Type: Submission / Policy Area: Animal Welfare /Sheep & wool /

Draft Regional Landscape Plans

Have your say on the draft Regional Landscape Plans which set the vision and priorities for regions throughout SA to achieve sustainable landscape management.

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25 March 2021 Media Type: Submission / Policy Area: Native Vegetation /