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The South Australian Livestock Biosecurity Blueprint recognises livestock production systems in SA vary by species, region and landscape but all businesses have one thing in common – they rely on a strong biosecurity system to maintain and achieve the targets set out in the SA Sheep and Beef Industry Blueprints.

This Blueprint's vision is for a livestock industry with the systems, capability, and capacity to minimise the risks of, and maximise preparedness for, endemic and exotic pest, weed and disease incursions.

In a changing environment and with increasing threats of serious pest, weed and disease incursions, a consistent and focused approach to biosecurity will be central to achieving the identified priority areas.

South Australia’s current biosecurity practices and systems contribute to the clean, green and disease-free status the industry prides itself on. The SA livestock industry has successfully maintained access to export markets without serious trade restrictions. However, this success is likely to have contributed to complacency when it comes to biosecurity.

Complacency is dangerous because SA’s livestock industries are yet to be tested by a serious biosecurity incursion. Current research has identified increasing threats of a serious incursion from imports, changing climactic conditions and disease incursions from neighbouring countries. These increasing threats have resulted in an urgency for the supply chain to ensure it can adequately respond.

More than ever, the future success of SA’s sheep, cattle and goat industries rely on the alignment of efforts across the entire supply chain including producers, processors, livestock agents, veterinarians, peak industry bodies and government.

To identify ways to focus biosecurity activities, resources and investment, Livestock SA hosted the inaugural Livestock Biosecurity Summit in Murray Bridge on 7 April 2022. The summit brought together representatives from across the SA livestock supply chain to identify key priorities and targets to accelerate supply chain engagement, biosecurity and traceability standards and demonstrate national leadership through an enhanced biosecurity culture. The outcomes from the summit and subsequent industry consultation are captured in this Blueprint.

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