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Working on Worms: Sheep parasite management workshop - pilot 5

Tuesday, 25 June 2024 - 9:00 am
Clare Valley Motel, 74A Main North Road Clare, SA 5453

The cost of internal parasites to the Australian sheep industry is estimated at $655 million, including both prevention and production losses. Substantial gains in productivity and cost savings are possible...

Published: 22/5/2024 Read more

Government crosses the live sheep exports red line

[As published in the Stock Journal] Interesting is the diplomatic way to describe the way the Australian Government chose to advise industry how and when it would end live sheep...

Published: 21/5/2024 Read more

Newsletter | May 2024

As we navigate through a challenging season with yet no sign of a break in the weather, I understand the growing concern as fodder reserves become critically low in some...

Published: 15/5/2024 Read more

Review recommends co-design for Footrot Management model in SA

Following a recently completed independent review into the state’s footrot management, Livestock SA has supported the review’s recommendations and will form a steering committee comprising broad industry representation to implement...

Published: 14/5/2024 Read more

Live sheep exports termination process and package appalling

Livestock SA has condemned the Australian Government’s package to phase out live sheep exports by sea by 1 May 2028. Livestock SA President, Joe Keynes said the policy had been...

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Industrial Relations Update | May 2024

Pending Changes to the Definition of Casual Employment On 26th August 2024, the Fair Work Act 2009 will provide a new definition of "casual employee". An employee will be deemed...

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National Day of Action as farmers stand against Biosecurity Protection Levy

Livestock SA has joined with agricultural organisations across the nation in opposition to the proposed Biosecurity Protection Levy. Livestock SA President, Joe Keynes said South Australia’s red meat and wool...

Published: 8/5/2024 Read more

Managing Your Bank Manager

Agri banking has changed a lot in the past 5 years. New banking protocols, the time taken to approve loans, a number of new Agri Managers. Have we recognised and...

Published: 2/5/2024 Read more

South East Stud Merino Field Day

Wednesday, 24 July 2024 - 10:00 am
Keith Showgrounds & On Property

Save The Date

Published: 1/5/2024 Read more

Animal Welfare Strategy set to be renewed

[as published in the Stock Journal] As part of its 2023-24 Budget, the Australian Government committed $5 million over 4 years to renew the Australian Animal Welfare Strategy (AAWS). This...

Published: 25/4/2024 Read more

Livestock SA Member Constitutional Consult Webinar

Livestock SA will discuss the proposed changes to the organisation's constitution. Please note this is a member only event.

Published: 25/4/2024 Read more