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SA Cattle Industry Projects 2024-25

[Closed] The South Australian Cattle Industry Fund invites expressions of interest for project funding which will benefit the state’s cattle (beef and dairy) industries.

Projects are to be delivered within the 2024-25 financial year with project funding to be drawn from the SA Cattle Industry Fund.

This funding is suitable for industry development and extension activities, research projects and farmer groups. Projects demonstrating funding co-contributions and collaborations with other programs or initiatives are encouraged.

Download the Cattle Application Form to Apply for Funding

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • benefit to the SA beef and dairy cattle industries
  • direct benefit to fund contributors (cattle producers)
  • alignment with the Cattle Industry Fund investment priorities
  • alignment and collaboration with other state and national beef and dairy industry priorities and programs, ensuring no duplication of investment
  • support from industry stakeholders
  • value for money
  • innovation in program delivery
  • for ongoing programs, previous program performance and achievement of outcomes
  • the organisations capability and capacity to undertake the program including:
    • demonstrated project management experience
    • evidence of a project plan, including a communication plan and risk management plan
    • identification of measures of success and a plan to report on them.

As project funds are limited, meeting the assessment criteria does not guarantee funding.

Cattle Industry Fund investment priorities are:

  1. Maintaining market access and securing new markets
  2. Efficient and sustainable production
  3. Business management and skills development
  4. Advocacy

Projects addressing any of the Fund investment priorities will be considered. Investment priorities and funding guidelines are outlined in further detail in the Cattle Industry Fund Management Plan.

Download the Cattle Application Form to Apply for Funding