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Sheep Focus Workshop - Industry of the future

The sheep focus workshop was presented by highly regarded professionals. Guest speakers included: Jason Trompf - knowing your key breeding traits and goals to maximise NLW, Robert Hermann - Focusing on pro-active risk analysis and management within the sheep industry, Alistair Michael - Breeding more fibres per square millimetre to increase quality and quantity, James Preuss - Flock profile, the sheep industry equivalent to soil testing, Miles Cockington - Podium, stock and fibre objective marketing platform, Professor Mark Hutchinson - Livestock wellbeing to increase productivity and promote market access: using livestock neuroscience, Jane Kellock- SA Sheep Industry Blueprint and Emily Mellor - Red meat and wool growth program

Jason Trompf

Robert Hermann

Alistair Michael

James Preuss

Miles Cockington

Professor Mark Hutchinson

Jane Kellock

Emily Mellor