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Action on kangaroo management needed now

As drying seasonal conditions continue to unfold, Livestock SA is calling for the State Government to address the disjointed nature of kangaroo management to deliver more effective action.

Livestock SA CEO, Travis Tobin said the current management arrangements were not delivering the coordinated response and level of accountability needed to effectively manage the state’s kangaroo population.

“After a few good seasons, kangaroo numbers are already at levels not seen for some time and the population continues to build,” said Mr Tobin.

“Producers are currently dealing with one of the fastest and deepest declines in livestock prices we have seen for some time and are starting to implement strategies to manage declining seasonal conditions as El Nino takes effect.”

“Unfortunately, producers are all too familiar with the challenges excessive kangaroo populations have on animal welfare, land management and conservation outcomes.”

“A return to a situation like that experienced in 2017 is the last thing they need and it will severely impact their livelihoods and mental health.”

“A recent ABARES report showed that 85 per cent of producers nationally are spending around $22,000 on pest and weed management per year, and we know that for some South Australian producers this cost is a lot more.”

“Some good initiatives such as the two-year Kangaroo Partnership Project led by the SA Arid Lands Landscape Board, and the Agriculture Kangaroo Taskforce led by PIRSA have been trialled but appear to have stalled.”

“Livestock SA appreciates that kangaroo management is a complex issue, but solutions need to be put into action now, as the potential ramifications of deteriorating seasonal conditions will not wait.”

“We also need to address the failings of the current quota system which is consistently grossly underutilised. A ‘target’ approach may be a simpler alternative to delivering an ecologically sustainable population.”


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Hannah Trevilyan, Communications and Membership Manager, 08 8297 2299

Published: 12 October 2023

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