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Speak up to drive positive industry changes

Livestock producers play an important part in helping to shape the development and review of policies and the industry bodies which influence the livestock industry.

While Livestock SA recognises the most important focus for many producers will be on their production and families, it is crucial that they also make the time to share their views when it comes to industry changes and reviews of policy.

If not, the risk is that decisions will be made to the possible detriment of themselves, their regions and industries.

Sharing views is important in helping to develop the South Australian livestock industry so the best outcomes can be delivered from a production, health and welfare and economic standpoint.

The development of the South Australian Sheep Industry Blueprint and the South Australian Beef Industry Blueprint has been strongly aligned and developed alongside national strategies for these sectors, so it is important to also consider these Blueprints in guiding feedback and future growth of our livestock industries.

There are several current and upcoming reviews which should be of interest to producers, including a review of biosecurity legislation in SA, a review on the Red Meat Memorandum of Understanding and AWI’s draft strategic plan.

The review of biosecurity legislation will be out in upcoming months and will be focused on the Livestock Act 1997 as well as a number of weed and pest animal species.

This review has the potential to impact on the management of endemic diseases in SA and to influence rules and education on biosecurity.

It could also potentially mean changes to the new One Biosecurity program.

Livestock SA has a strong interest in this review and will work closely with government to ensure the livestock industry has significant input in relation to the review.

The review on the Red Meat MoU will influence the red meat industry’s strategic review, in particular the beef and sheep meat sectors. As part of this review, the independent taskforce appointed by the Red Meat Advisory Committee has prepared a Green Paper for comment.

Livestock SA believes it is essential that there is a well-structured process for the future of the Australian sheep industry. The Green Paper explains the current model and the need for change. It also identifies some of the key issues which need to be addressed in a revised Meat Industry Strategic Plan.

There is recognition that the current structure is limited in its ability to quickly respond to issues in a coherent and effective manner.

In the Green Paper four options have been detailed for reform, and it’s important that producers review and share their feedback on these options. Livestock SA’s preference is for Option 3: A hybrid option.

Finally, a draft version of the AWI strategic plan has recently been released, with South Australian wool producers encouraged to share their views. Livestock SA is facilitating a whole-of-SA industry response to the draft AWI strategic plan. Further details will be available on the Livestock SA website.

Producers can contact the Livestock SA office via phone or email or get in touch with their local Livestock SA Board Member to share their feedback on issues facing the industry.

JOE KEYNES, President, Livestock SA

Published: 25 April 2019