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Revised Wild Dog Management Policy

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Livestock SA supports the revised wild dog management policy as the whole of landscape approach proposed is necessary to control wild dogs in South Australia. Stringent measures are required if there is to be any chance of eradicating wild dogs inside the dog fence. The measures currently in place, along with those proposed, will need to be well-policed and enforced with strict penalties applied to those who do not conform.

Livestock SA is concerned in the lack of measures to control wild dogs outside the dog fence. While there are some changes in the policy that will assist in minimising the impacts of wild dogs on cattle outside the dog fence, stricter measures are required. The treatment for wild dog control also needs to be expanded to include all pastoral lands outside of the fence and consideration should be made to combining the SA Wild Dog Advisory Group and the SA Dog Fence Board to ensure effective management of wild dogs in this state.

Published: 17 April 2020