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MacLoran Farm

Compulsory Acquisition

2 February 2021

Livestock SA requests a review of the South Australian Government’s Compulsory Acquisition legislation and policies with specific focus on the effect on farmland.

Livestock SA calls upon the South Australian Government to effectively communicate with land owners the imposition of caveats, easements and other impositions, including legislative changes to land owners and that any such communication should mandatorily address all adverse impacts upon the land owners including but not limited to, biosecurity impacts, disturbances, adverse business impacts caused by the easement or caveat, and any other disruptions with demonstrable negative effects on the operation of the farm.

Livestock SA petitioned the Commonwealth Government (through its organ the Australian Taxation Office) to clearly describe the operation of the Capital Gains Tax regime on land affected by compulsory acquisition. Such description should also consider the effect of any subsequent livestock and equipment sales and income.