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Livestock SA Sheep and Goat eID Principles

Livestock SA has developed the principles below to guide our advocacy on behalf of South Australian sheep and goat producers.

  • Harmonisation across all jurisdictions and local regions.
  • Provide proportional financial support for relevant sectors of the supply chain, including for investment into technology and changes in infrastructure.
  • Financial assistance must be underpinned by an equitable funding arrangement across the supply chain, with the recognition of ongoing costs to producers.
  • Provide ongoing consultation with industry and producers before, during and after the implementation of eID to ensure a successful transition and that productivity benefits of the technology are harnessed.
  • Ensure the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) database has the proven capability to process data from all farmed livestock species.
  • Producers are given the opportunity to adjust to the new requirements of eID for sheep and goats, and after a fair and suitable transition period, non-compliance is investigated.
  • All members of the supply chain must be held accountable for maintaining compliance within their sector.
  • Support is available to producers before, during, and after the implementation of eID, including training and assistance services.