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New Members Join Industry Fund Boards

Newly appointed members to both the SA Sheep and Cattle Industry Funds Boards will bring a wealth of experience to their respective committees.

The Cattle Industry Fund Board welcomes Tim Burvill (Luncindale) to the Board as its sixth member.

Tim owns and manages a vertically integrated beef cattle operation which producers, processes and retails beef as well as operating two steakhouses in SA and Victoria. He will bring a raft of production knowledge as well as supply chain insights, which will be valuable to the Fund’s industry development investment priority which it looks to expand in the short term.

The Sheep Industry Fund welcomes Alex McGorman (Sanderston) and Elke Hocking (Lucindale) as levy paying independent members on the Board.

Alex brings knowledge from his feed lotting background, turning over up to 80,000 lambs per year and Elke’s extensive experience as a livestock consultant will provide the Board with knowledge in all areas of lamb production.

There are now eight Sheep Industry Board members from varying production backgrounds from across South Australia.

Executive Officer to the Industry Fund Boards, Tom Cosentino, said that the appointments would ensure the Funds were invested effectively with advice from leaders within the industry.

“The new Board members are all highly experienced and well regarded industry leaders and I have no doubt that will make sure that our industry levies are put to best and most effective use," he said.

"I look forward to working with all board member and encourage every producer to reach out to the Boards with project concepts and industry priorities going forward."

Annually, the SA Cattle and Sheep Industry Funds invest approximately $800,000 and $4,000,000 respectively into projects that benefit their industries.

Full Cattle Industry Fund Board:
Penny Schulz – Chair (Field)
Steven Radeski (Woodside)
Lyndon Clegget (Glencoe)
Robert Brokenshire (Mt Compass)
Tom Hampton (Woodside)
Tim Burvill (Lucindale)

Full Sheep Industry Fund Board:
Ian Rowett – Chair (Marrabel)
Helen Thomas (Manoora)
Jane Kellock (Farrel Flat)
Graham Clothier (Lucindale)
Keith Bolto (Kangaroo Island)
Nette Fischer (Wasleys)
Alex McGorman (Sanderston)
Elke Hocking (Lucindale)

Published: 29 November 2021

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