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Livestock SA support for South Australian Feral Deer Eradication plan

Livestock SA has welcomed the release of the new 10-year strategic plan for the South Australian Feral Deer Eradication Program.

Livestock SA CEO, Travis Tobin said the plan emphasises the significance of alleviating the stress and financial burden faced by South Australian producers due to feral deer.

“Feral deer are one of the state’s most challenging pest species and their impact on producers’ bottom line is increasing”, said Mr Tobin.

“The plan provides a coordinated, landscape scale approach to the eradication and management of feral deer, which is important as landholders are responsible for culling feral deer on their properties under the Landscape South Australia Act 2019.”

“Building on the success of the first year of the Feral Deer Eradication Program, the 2022-32 plan estimates a net benefit of $525 million will be delivered to producers and their communities over the 10-year period.”

“Producers have already seen the benefits of the 2022 culling program with a reduction in feed competition from feral deer, which will become more evident as we likely enter drier seasons ahead.”

“The South Australian sheep industry has demonstrated its commitment to eradicating this pest species by investing $100,000 from the Sheep Industry Fund in 2023/24 in thermal-assisted aerial culling.”

“This investment into a coordinated approach represents a modest cost compared to the significant economic impact posed by the feral deer species on the industry.”


Media Contact:
Hannah Trevilyan, Communications and Membership Manager, 08 8297 2299

Published: 21 November 2023

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