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Live sheep exports termination process and package appalling

Livestock SA has condemned the Australian Government’s package to phase out live sheep exports by sea by 1 May 2028.

Livestock SA President, Joe Keynes said the policy had been ill-conceived from the start and the paltry transition package announced was likely to shock livestock producers across South Australia.

“Shutting down an important sheep market that leads the world in animal welfare and provides much needed flexibility during challenging times such as drought and industry adjustment, is nonsensical.”

“Continuing to press ahead with this ill-informed policy while ignoring the fundamental reforms the industry has made and its contemporary practices, tells every agricultural industry that continual improvement doesn’t matter.”

“Knowing the long-term detrimental impacts the decision will have on the sheep industry and the regional communities that depend on it, to announce a measly package of just $107 million over 5 years for producers and the industry to adjust, demonstrates complete disregard for what is an awful situation.”

“The consultation process over the past 15 months just doesn’t cut it. It has been disingenuous and prioritised ideology over facts, evidence, international relationships, economics and now sheep producers and communities.”

“We remain very concerned about the future of the sheep industry in WA and the collateral damage that could be experienced here in South Australia.”

“The chasm between the rhetoric of valuing agriculture and wanting to see our industry prosper and the reality of what we continue to see from this government continues to widen.”

“Just like the Biosecurity Protection Levy, this policy has been flawed from the outset. The livestock industry needs better understanding and support from our national government.”

“The government needs to start genuinely working with the sheep industry on its next steps, and stop being driven by very selective activist agendas from people who have nothing to lose.”

Further details about the government’s announcement and the independent panel’s report is available on the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry website HERE.


Media Contact:
Hannah Trevilyan, Communications and Membership Manager, 08 8297 2299

Published: 12 May 2024