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AgRi-Silience: The Focused Farmer webinar series

While the long-term outlook for red meat and wool remains positive, there is no denying that livestock producers are facing challenging conditions in the short term, including price declines, and the deteriorating weather etc.

This series will provide you with advice and confidence to focus your livestock business on the priorities, to ease the stress and save you time when facing the upcoming challenges.

Over four weeks a team of experts will join us to cover:

Focus area 1: The foundations of success – Bron Stedall from Pinion Advisory

Focus area 2: Focus your finances- Chris Scheid from Moore Consulting

Focus area 3: The art of decision making- Cam Nicholson from Nicon Ag Consulting

Focus area 4: Feeding for the future – Deb Scammell from Talking Livestock

This webinar series is designed to narrow the focus for farmers to the fundamental priorities and provide ideas on simple strategies to minimise wasted effort.

The webinars will be videoed and turned into podcasts for those who cannot attend the actual event.

Supported by SA Livestock Consultants, SheepConnect and Ag Excellence Alliance.

This project is part of the Farm Business Resilience Program and is jointly funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Government of South Australia. Delivered by Livestock SA.
Published: 29 September 2023

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Dry Times AgRi-Silience Program