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MacLoran Farm

2023 Student Compendium

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The SA Division of the Agricultural Institute of Australia (AIA), in partnership with the Adelaide University Agricultural Students Association (AUASA), has a strong commitment to assisting students and early career professionals in having an enjoyable, productive, and rewarding educational experience while establishing a solid foundation for their careers.

The 2023 Student Compendium is a collection of opportunities available to students studying primary industries and natural resource management. It intends to help the future generation of vocational education, training, and tertiary students, secondary school teachers, and careers advisors (and their students) identify options in the primary industries sector, including careers, scholarships, graduate programmes, and training.

The SA Sheep and Cattle Industry Funds are proud major funding partners of the 2023 Student Compendium which plays an essential role among agricultural sector experts and businesses, acting as a "call to action" and discussion piece to boost the development of careers in agriculture.

Published: 6 April 2023