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Water security remains essential for the long-term viability of SA livestock producers

South Australian livestock producers are urged to ‘have their say’ on water issues as part of a new, joint project between Livestock SA and Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA).

As part of the Identify Water Issues Impacting South Australian Livestock Industries project, a survey was launched today allowing producers to have input and identify stock water issues in their regions.

Livestock SA is partnering with Primary Industries and Regions SA to conduct the on-line survey and collate the sector’s stock water issues across the state. Other project partners include the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.

The project began after a motion was moved at the Livestock SA AGM in August, held as part of the Growing SA event, for Livestock SA to adopt Water Security for Livestock Production as an immediate state-wide producer priority.

Livestock SA President Joe Keynes said the project is a first step in responding to the high cost of reticulated water – with rates in some regions having risen as much as 250 percent in the past eight years. In parts of the state livestock producers have been reliant on this reticulated water which has been a real constrain to expansion in livestock production.

“Livestock SA is working with all parties involved with the aim to reach a sustainable outcome with reliable and affordable water resources for all involved in the state’s livestock industries,” Mr Keynes said.

“We are advocating for water security to become a statewide objective for livestock producers – to deliver improved resilience and long-term viability to the state’s livestock industry.

“The survey provides an avenue for primary producers and stakeholder groups to tell us what their stock water issues are and where they can see opportunities for fit-for-purpose and sustainable water supplies to support development of their livestock businesses.

“Livestock SA will use the survey results to identify issues for future action. Some issues or actions may potentially be dealt with easily and quickly; while other issues will need further investigation and discussion to be resolved.”

This survey is available at Livestock SA and will be open until 5pm Friday, November 10. All responses are confidential and will be used to deliver the best results back to SA producers.

Published: 18 October 2017