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Simpler eID tag discounts in 2024

Livestock SA has welcomed the State Government’s recent announcement detailing how the eID tag assistance scheme will work in 2024.

Livestock SA CEO, Travis Tobin said that the new arrangements commencing from 1 January 2024 will mean it is simpler for producers to access the discount on National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) accredited tags for sheep and goats.

“The point-of-sale arrangements ensures that the 50% discount (capped at $0.95) is already applied when ordering year-of-birth NLIS accredited eID tags.”

“Livestock SA strongly advocated for the tag assistance scheme, and it is the most generous state government arrangement in place.”

“We hope this new streamlined process will expedite adoption by producers in 2024, remembering that all sheep and managed goats leaving property from 1 January 2027, irrespective of age, will require an eID device.”

Mr Tobin also said Livestock SA continues to urge producers who purchased eligible eID devices in 2023 to claim their rebate before that part of the tag assistance scheme was closed.

“Sheep and goat producers that purchased sky blue NLIS-accredited eID tags between 1 January 2023 and 31 December 2023 can still claim the 50% rebate for those devices.

“A relatively low number of producers have accessed the rebate to date. Producers have raised concerns about the rebate process with us, which we have relayed to PIRSA and understand that some adjustments have been made.”

“The 2023 rebate element of the tag assistance scheme closes on 30 April 2024, so there is still time for producers to access that assistance.”

2024 eID tag point-of-sale details

2023 eID tag rebate details

Media Contact:

Travis Tobin, CEO, 08 8297 2299

Published: 22 December 2023

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