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Review recommends co-design for Footrot Management model in SA

Following a recently completed independent review into the state’s footrot management, Livestock SA has supported the review’s recommendations and will form a steering committee comprising broad industry representation to implement the findings.

The comprehensive review, completed by Biosecurity Advisory Services and Sapere, found that changes were needed to the current program and an enhanced industry management approach should be adopted as the model for future management of footrot in South Australia.

Livestock SA President, Joe Keynes said the review highlighted the complexity surrounding the management of the disease within the sheep industry.

“There is a wide range of opinions within the industry about how best to manage footrot and who should pay for this, making it challenging to design an effective, broadly supported program.”

“The review has provided a much clearer understanding of footrot in South Australia, shedding light on the persistent stigmas associated with the disease and underscoring the necessity for enhanced education to support prevention and management strategies.”

“Putting the recommendations in place will require further consultation and collaboration across industry and with government and we will establish a fit-for-purpose steering committee to achieve this.”

“While we had hoped for a simple, clear-cut recommendation from the review, the complexity and diversity of perspectives within the industry mean that we have to address the challenges while retaining the positive aspects of the current arrangements in a future program.”

“Nominations for industry and government representatives for the steering committee will be sought soon, and the interim arrangements for the south-eastern saleyards will be reviewed and extended for the 2024-25 selling season."

The summary report detailing the review findings and recommendations is available on the Livestock SA website here.


In October 2023, Livestock SA commissioned an independent review of the South Australian Footrot Management Program. In the current financial year, industry invested over $900,000 in the program.

The purpose of this review was to evaluate the current program and consider other program options to help determine the most effective management of footrot in South Australia.

The review was conducted by Ron Glanville of Biosecurity Advisory Services and included one on one interviews with over sixty people directly involved in the SA sheep industry including producers, livestock agents, saleyard management, vets, and contractors with representatives from across the state interviewed.

The consultation process also included an online survey that was available to anyone in the SA sheep industry for an extended period with over 270 responses received. The majority of responses were received from sheep producers who put forward their views on the current program and improvements they would like to see incorporated in a future program.


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Hannah Trevilyan, Communications and Members Manager, 08 8297 2299

Published: 14 May 2024