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Review of the Veterinary Practice Legislation in South Australia

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It is disappointing that livestock producers are not listed as one of the stakeholder groups in the Veterinary Practice Legislation, particularly given the importance of the livestock sector to the South Australian economy.

The livestock sector is one of the largest single users of veterinary services in SA. Livestock SA recommends the Act be amended to enable the inclusion of a representative of the primary sector be included on the Board and to have the Minister refer to Primary Producers SA to seek a nomination of a suitable person for the seat on the Board.

SA producers often complain there are not enough veterinarians in rural areas. As producers need to ensure their animals are cared for appropriately, experienced animal producers should not be criminalised for providing or administrating certain levels of care to their animals if veterinarians are not available (such as administering drugs).

Alternate methods of inspection, rather than a vet visit, need to be established as vet visits and consults are often not practical (e.g., during COVID-19 restrictions). Livestock SA also recommends the legislation be changes to allow for laparoscopic AI to be performed by lay operators.

Published: 1 February 2021

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