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Review of agvet chemicals regulatory framework

Livestock SA was recently involved in the stakeholder consultation regarding the review of agvet chemicals regulatory framework.

Key points

  • Stakeholders were generally supportive of using overseas data to enable Australia to have increased access to niche chemical products which are not available here
  • There was concern over the removal of efficacy as an assessment criterion due to potential impacts on animal welfare and biosecurity
  • Stakeholders highlighted the high cost of retaining accreditation and how this may impact willingness to become/stay accredited
  • It would be beneficial to have greater clarity relating to emergency permits and the criteria for use
  • Upfront feed for registration may act as a deterrent
  • Stakeholders agreed on national harmonisation of control of use in relation to registered veterinarians’ ability to supply restricted medicines to other veterinarians
  • Residue testing of produce needs to increase
4 September 2020
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