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New Sheep AI Handbooks

New handbooks will help improve the success of artificial sheep insemination (AI) practices.

The SA Sheep Industry Fund and its project partners - Primary Industries and Regions SA and the South Australian Research and Development Institute - have created the Improving the Success of Sheep Artificial Insemination Programs handbooks.

Aimed at both AI practitioners and sheep producers, the handbooks provide a range of information including how to synchronise the oestrus cycle in flocks and how to improve results in an AI program.

The handbooks will help producers to know when their flocks are cycling and ovulating and will provide other ways to improve AI outcomes.

They will also provide ways for producers and practitioners to understand what is happening in the oestrus cycle when programming ewes for AI.

Co-author of the handbooks SARDI’s Dr Jen Kelly said the information would be invaluable for both producers and AI providers.

“They will increase the understanding of the oestrus cycle and follicle development as well as the timing of AI to increase commercial outcomes,” she said.

A brief economic analysis by the SARDI Reproduction Research Team with assistance from the South Australian Stud Merino Breeders Association accompanies the handbooks.
Dr Stephen Lee, University of Adelaide, prepared the section on genetic gain.

Published: 20 September 2021

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