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Livestock SA highlights six key areas to Growing SA’s economy

Livestock SA today released its 2018 SA Election position paper highlighting six key focus areas that need to be addressed by the incoming SA Government to ensure the livestock industry continues to remain a leading contributor to the State’s economy.

Through the development and implementation of industry blueprints, Livestock SA aims to support continued improvement in the productivity and profitability of the State’s livestock producers.

Livestock SA has identified key areas that need to be addressed in the next term of government to enable the sector to strengthen its economic contributions to the state and is calling on all political parties and candidates to:

  1. Commit to continuing the 90-Day Transport Project.
  2. Improve the NRM framework.
  3. Establish and implement a water security and accessibility program for livestock producers.
  4. Improve engagement and reduce the impact of the State’s mining, gas exploration and extraction sector.
  5. Energise the implementation of One Biosecurity and commit to continued support. Recognise the benefit of the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) to the broader community and commit to funding in partnership with industry.
  6. Commit to investing in current and future research, development and adoption projects which underpin the South Australian livestock sector.

Livestock SA President Joe Keynes said the future of the State’s livestock industries was bright and had contributed strongly to the agri-food sector’s record-breaking revenue of $19.975 billion in the last financial year.

“The livestock sector is a very important contributor to the State’s economy which is why it’s vitally important for the incoming State Government to acknowledge and support our sector,” he said.

“The livestock sector is also a key employer within the state, supporting more than 30,000 SA jobs, with a strong capacity for further growth and development.

“The policy document released today is not a comprehensive charter regarding all issues that face the industry today but rather matters that can be attended to immediately by SA’s leaders, no matter who forms government in March.

“In particular, investment in research, development and adoption remains key to ensuring a productive and profitable future for the South Australian livestock industries.”

Published: 25 January 2018