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Limestone Coast Pest Management Strategy Review

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The Pest Management Strategy plan will be able to provide a good basis for some effective pest polices for the effective management and control of pest plants and animals.

Livestock SA believes consideration should be given in the review to supplementing pest risk assessments with benefit cost analyses, so that an economic assessment can also be made of the management and control programs for pest animals and plants.

Livestock SA also believes rabbit management should be moved to the ‘destroy infestations’ management category as it is estimated rabbits cause over $200 million a year in losses to Australian agriculture.

Feral cats also need to be mentioned when discussing management of pests as they can threaten lamb production and carry infectious diseases.

Mention of the management of over-abundant native animals has not been discussed in the review.

Of particular concern in the Limestone Coast region are the relatively high numbers of kangaroos, the ease with which kangaroo numbers can quickly increase and the effect this can have on total grazing pressure. Further options need to be considered for effective control of kangaroos in this region.

Published: 6 January 2021