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Cattle Industry Fund: Approved Projects 2022-2023

The Minister has approved the release of $713,648 from the Cattle Industry Fund in 2022-23 for programs and projects to benefit South Australia's beef and dairy cattle industries. Expenditure from the Cattle Industry Fund also funds administration expenses and refund payments.

Livestock SA Application

Amount approved

Maintaining market access and securing new markets
National Livestock Identification System Compliance Program - Cattle

Service Provider: Biosecurity SA

The NLIS Cattle Program supports the South Australian cattle industry by monitoring and enforcing compliance with cattle identification and traceability standards for the purpose of disease control, food safety and market access.

$ 200,000.00
Efficient and sustainable production
Farm Biosecurity and Endemic Disease Management Program

Service Provider: Biosecurity SA

Johne’s disease management program assists producers in managing Johne’s disease within their herds and high biosecurity herds to maintain status. It provides integrity to industry assurance programs to support national and international trade of premium produce.

$ 57,328
South Australian Beef Industry Blueprint

Service Provider: Livestock SA

This project will deliver management and implementation services of the SA Beef Industry Blueprint

Livestock SA Biosecurity Extension Officer

Service Provider: Livestock SA

This project is to enable the retention of the LSA Biosecurity Officer until June 2023 to ensure project continuity post Red Meat and Wool Growth program.

Business management and skills development
Junior Heifer Expo 2022

Service Provider: SA Junior Heifer Expo Organising Committee

The SA Junior Heifer Expo allows young industry participants to have access to leading members of the beef cattle industry through delivery of an education program.

$ 7,500.00
Small Projects Fund

The Cattle Industry Fund Board has preapproved the expenditure for small projects that provide benefit the industry. Unspent funds will be returned to the CIF at financial year end.

$ 30,000.00
Livestock SA Advocacy Program

Service Provider: Livestock SA

Facilitates Livestock SA advocacy efforts.

$ 230,000.00
SA Dairyfarmers’ Association Advocacy Program

Service Provider: SA Dairyfarmers' Association

Facilitates SA Dairyfarmers’ Association advocacy efforts.

$ 50,000.00
Livestock SA Cattle Industry Fund Governance and Administration Services

Service Provider: Livestock SA

The project supports the governance and administration structures of the SA Cattle Industry Fund Board.

$ 57,620.00
Total Livestock SA application$713,648.00