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Heritage Agreement Small Grant – Closing 23 August 2021

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The Revitalising Private Conservation Program are pleased to open the latest small round of grants for Heritage Agreement owners in SA to improve management and protection of SA’s unique vegetation.

Eligible activities include:

• Management and/or action planning implementation.

• Effective control of weeds, feral animals or over abundant native species.

• Management of grazing impacts.

• Repairing damaged areas i.e. sites previously used for dumping, sites being trespassed.

• Internal property fencing to exclude stock from or reduce grazing pressure on proposed or current Heritage Agreement area.

• Mapping of native plants or native vegetation communities.

• Native animal survey (permits needed).

• Habitat creation, including for threatened or declining species.

• Improving water quality and quantity including decommissioning water points.

• Revegetation with provenance seed.

• Improving fire management for conservation purposes.

• Trials of innovative conservation management techniques

• Ecologically outcome-based burning

For more information and to apply please visit or contact outreach officer Aleesha Lesiuk at or 0419 035 459

Published: 28 June 2021