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MacLoran Farm

Drafting South Australia’s Mining Regulations

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Livestock SA strongly endorses the submission made by Grain Producers SA, particularly regarding the policy principles and the recommendations on the draft regulations. Pastoralists are often impacted by mining exploration and associated activities. While they do not own the land they operate on, they do invest considerable funds and should be treated as landowner. Good livestock biosecurity practices are essential to minimize risk of disease or pest incursion on properties. Livestock SA believes mining companies need to maintain strict ‘come clean, go clean’ policies and stick to dedicated tracks within a property to minimize introduction and spread of pest, weed and disease. Livestock SA now has two Biosecurity Extension Officers who are willing to work with the mining sector on biosecurity practices and procedures. Mining companies access to property owned water infrastructure and natural water courses at the landowner’s expense is also unacceptable and consideration needs to be given to preparing procedures for this access.

Published: 11 September 2020