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David Basham MP: $5m in Sheep and Cattle Industry funds to strengthen market access

Australia’s livestock industry is set to benefit from an injection of more than $5 million of industry funds aimed at strengthening market access, biosecurity and disease management.

Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development David Basham said $4.25 million from the Sheep Industry Fund and $815,790 from the Cattle Industry Fund has been approved to support initiatives recommended by Livestock SA.

“A total of 22 projects – 15 sheep projects and seven cattle projects – will be funded by the 2020-21 industry funds following recommendations from the newly created Livestock SA Sheep and Cattle Industry Fund Boards,” said Minister Basham.

“The South Australian livestock industry has a renowned reputation in animal health management, and biosecurity and the projects instigated through these industry funds will only strengthen this.

“More than $1 million of the 2020-21 Sheep Industry Fund has been allocated to the once-in-a-generation $25 million rebuild and ongoing maintenance of the South Australian Dog Fence.

“Both the Cattle and Sheep Industry Funds are contributing to the $7.5 million Red Meat and Wool Growth Program, as well as important traceability and animal health programs.

“The Marshall Liberal Government wants to help our livestock sector rebuild from the effects of drought and bushfire and increase flock and herd numbers for the long term.”

“By handing management of these industry funds to Livestock SA the Government is putting farmers back in control of how their money is spent, saving on administration costs and, importantly, helping to ensure our producers have a strong industry association with a loud and respected voice.

Livestock SA President Joe Keynes said the new governance arrangement for the funds gives the livestock industry more ownership over projects funded.

“Farmers’ contributions provide an important stimulus to the growth of our industry and this investment traditionally provides long term benefits,” said Mr Keynes.

“Projects to be funded in 2020-21 from the Sheep and Cattle Industry Funds include footrot management, the Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance program, Johne’s disease management and both maintenance and rebuild costs for the Dog Fence.”

The Sheep Industry Fund and Cattle Industry Fund are established under the Primary Industry Funding Schemes Act 1998 and provide a way for South Australia’s primary industry sectors to raise funds so they can favourably position themselves in the national and international marketplace.

For a full list of projects see over the page.

Further information about the projects can be viewed on the Livestock SA website.

Published: 20 August 2020

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