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MacLoran Farm

Statement of Ethics in Animal Welfare

2 February 2021

Livestock are at the heart of our business. We work with them every day. We seek to treat them well and humanely. Livestock South Australia commit to and we expect that all reasonable standards of husbandry and care be taken when dealing with the objects of our livelihood. We believe that our reputation as the source of premium food should be protected at every opportunity not least of which is the reputation that we have for caring for our livestock.

To that end we commit ourselves to the following principles:

  1. Livestock should not be exposed to unnecessary thirst. Sufficient water should be made available.
  2. Livestock should not be inappropriately exposed to hunger. Sufficient and appropriate food should be made available.
  3. Livestock should have reasonable freedom of movement and when resting that the animal be allowed to comfortably rest.
  4. Livestock should be provided an environment where they are not unnecessarily exposed to temperature extremes and where possible steps to mitigate such exposure are taken.
  5. Livestock should be maintained in an environment that will be hygienically maintained and avoidable exposure to preventable diseases be prevented.
  6. Livestock should be free of physical injuries and where injuries do occur the livestock be humanely treated.
  7. Livestock should not be exposed to unnecessary pain in their treatment or handling.
  8. Livestock should not be exposed to unnecessary distress.