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Key information for flood recovery

Current status
  • The State Government continues to work closely with industry bodies and councils to further understand the extent of the storm damage to primary producers following extreme weather across South Australia in January 2022.
  • The government knows there has been impact to the Dog Fence and Pastoral Access Routes and these are currently being assessed.
  • The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) is working closely with local government and other government agencies, including the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, on issues impacting primary producers as a result of January’s extreme rain and flooding.
  • If you are a primary producer impacted by the extreme rain or flooding, make sure you let your industry body know what damage you’ve sustained.
  • A sub-committee of the State Recovery Operations Group (comprising Department for Infrastructure and Trasnport, Department for Environment and Water, Department of the Premier and Cabinet, the Local Government Association, and the Outback Communities Authority) has been formed to coordinate requirements for the assessment and restoration of road infrastructure.
  • PIRSA is aware of the immediate and potentially future impact on primary producers from road damage, and is working closely with Livestock SA, Grain Producers SA, local government, the Department for Infrastructure and Transport and the Pastoral Board to prioritise and coordinate road repairs to support primary producers.
  • Erosion and other impact assessments are currently underway, and Grain Producers SA, Livestock SA and the Dog Fence Board have coordinated the gathering of damage impact data. This will help industry and government assess how best to assist your recovery.
  • The Eyre Peninsula Storms & Floods Recovery Group has been established in response to community requests to coordinate a number of localised activities and support the communities impacted by the storms and floods of January 2022.


  • The most up to date flood information, including health and roads, can be accessed from
  • Recovery information for primary producers, including local contact details for recovery support, is being updated regularly on the webpage
  • The PIRSA Recovery Hotline is available to provide assistance to primary producers: call 1800 931 314, and press 1.
  • Feeling overwhelmed? Family and Business (FaB) mentors and Business Financial Counsellors are available to you in all regions. Find a FaB by calling the Recovery Hotline or visiting
  • PIRSA is committed to community-led recovery.
  • PIRSA is working closely with the Landscape Boards in each region to ensure affected primary producers are supported through their recovery. Contact details for your region are available from
  • For livestock advice or help, contact your private vet or the PIRSA Animal Health Team – find their contact details on the PIRSA website linked from

Dog fence

  • Around 900 km of the dog fence have been inundated by flood waters, with severe damage recorded to 40 sections, including floodways and creeks. It is pleasing that the new sections of fence have responded as they should, with the worst damage to older sections of the fence.
  • PIRSA is working with the Dog Fence Board on a reparation plan that includes mitigation actions such as aerial baiting.
  • Dog trappers are working the areas where the fence has come down, focusing on properties adjacent to the fence, targeting dogs that have breached damaged sections of the fence, and removing the dogs before they head further south.