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Bushfire Resources

Livestock SA has now closed its emergency fodder depots for both the Cudlee Creek (Oakbank Racecourse) and Kangaroo Island (Cape Jervis) fires. Enquiries regarding access to emergency fodder should be made through the appropriate Bushfire Recovery Centre.

Livestock SA’s last delivery via ferry to Kangaroo Island was on Tuesday 25 February 2021. PIRSA’s funding for ferry crossings has now been fully committed in the delivery of donated hay.

Livestock SA in partnership with SA government and a mountain of volunteers and donors have managed to deliver 2,200 tonnes of hay to Kangaroo Island, 1,250 tonnes of hay through Oakbank depot and 450 tonnes to those affected by the Keilira fire.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the amazing people who have been so generous with their money, time, fuel, equipment and feed. We’re generally struck by the integrity which has been shown by South Australian farmers to their peers and equals.

Kangaroo Island

Parndana Recovery Centre- 12 Jubilee Ave, Parndana, 1800 302 787

Local Recovery Coordinator – Mike Williams, 0418 818 522. Jennifer Tretheway, 0427 594 220. Mike Williams was appointed Local Recovery Coordinator for the Kangaroo Island fires on 5 January 2020. He will work closely with the affected community to help understand their recovery needs and identify what additional supports are required.

Cudlee Creek

Lobethal Recovery Centre – Fabrik Arts & Heritage Building, 1 Lobethal Road, Lobethal, 1800 302 787

Local Recovery Coordinator – Alex Zimmerman has been appointed Local Recovery Coordinator to lead the recovery effort. He will work closely with the affected community to help understand their recovery needs and identify what additional supports are required.


There is no established recovery centre for the Keilira bushfire, however PIRSA have appointed Justine Drew as the PIRSA recovery coordinator to assist with recovery efforts.

Bushfire Hotline: 1800 255 556

Recovery Hotline: 1800 931 314, email


Your mental health is of prime importance and assistance can be found through the following:

For assistance with injured and stray wildlife and companion animals, please call SAVEM (South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management) at 0477 055 233

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