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Cudlee Creek Fire Landscape Recovery Grants

The Cudlee Creek Fire Landscape Recovery Grants support rural landholders and farmers in the Cudlee Creek fire scar, who have been fire-affected and are working to protect and restore their natural resources, after the bushfire which started on 20 December 2019. Consideration may be given for eligible works that have already been undertaken prior to signing of a grant agreement, provided that they commenced after 20 December 2020. Each landholder can apply for up to $5,000+GST.

These funds are being made available from the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges and South-Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management boards levies.

The funding can be used for a variety of works on rural private property including:

– Native vegetation and revegetation to restrict stock access.
– Riparian areas to protect aquatic ecosystems and limit stock impacts on water quality.
– To land class to manage stock grazing impacts, maintain groundcover and prevent soil erosion.

Pest animal and plant control:
– Rabbit, fox and deer control and weed control such as Gorse, Blackberry, Broom to protect native vegetation and primary production values.

Revegetation with local native plants for:
– Habitat creation.
– Linking/buffering remnant vegetation.
– Stock shade/shelter.
– Establishing or replacing paddock trees.
– Stabilising soils, watercourses or reducing recharge/discharge in areas of salinity risk.

Erosion control works to:
– Reduce the effect of soil loss or movement on water quality and biodiversity.

Perennial pasture renovation/improvement:
– Soil testing to establish pH and nutrient levels.
– Lime spreading if required by soil test.
– Pasture seeding perennial species (including natives) to improve existing pastures or establish groundcover.
– Weed control.

Establishment of seasonal stock containment areas:
– Fencing, gates, water points, feeding pads/troughs, portable electric fence units.

Install stock water points:
– Troughs, pipe and fittings to reduce stock access to watercourses, dams.

Professional agronomic or land management advice:
– For livestock health and nutrition, feed budgeting, pasture management, weed management, soil management, property planning, farm business planning.

11 March 2020
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